Exercising and Sports for urinary catheter users

Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and living with a catheter doesn’t have to stop that.  Catheterization can be confusing but at Medipply we’re here to help you save money on catheters and catheter supplies. Here’s how to balance sports and fitness while being a catheter user. 

You already know all the ways exercise is great (it relieves stress, keeps you in good shape, etc.), but you might not know that exercising with a catheter can feel completely normal. You just need to make a few adjustments.

Pick the right activity

Certain activities can increase your need to empty your bladder, so you’ll want to avoid sports that can jostle you too much. Running might provide too much bouncing and pounding so you can opt for power walking or swimming which offers more gentle impact. Skip heavy lifting for 

Instead: try using lighter weights or something like rowing.

If you’re in a wheelchair, there are plenty of activities you can choose. Look for local leagues, from dance to rugby, many of which offer ways to indulge your competitive streak.

Stick to Your Schedule

Before you do anything, catheterize. That way you’ll have the maximum amount of time for fitness and a minimal risk of leakage. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re in the zone (especially if you are in the midst of something competitive). Set a reminder to be sure you don’t lose track of time.

Stay Hydrated

You might be tempted to drink a little less to make sure you don’t have any bladder issues (or stress about bladder issues) while you are working out. It’s important to drink up though, particularly if you are exercising outside. You’ll need to replace the fluids you are sweating out. 

The best way to get excited about exercises is to pick an activity you enjoy and make it as stress free as possible. Find something you like and then go for it! Anything is better than nothing.

At Medipply, our mission is to make buying and using catheters easier. Find out how we make the process of purchasing catheters and supplies more transparent. In a few easy steps, we can help you purchase catheters with insurance, connect you with the providers you prefer, and streamline the process of getting the medical supplies you need. Have questions? Check out our list of frequently asked questions and learn about how Medipply can help.

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