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    As a company intent on reinventing how you get catheters and medical supplies, we understand you might have some questions. But our unparalleled customer service, first-in-class technology, and radical transparency are helping us shake up an industry that is often unresponsive, antiquated, and opaque.

    1. What is Medipply?

    Medipply connects patients with medical supply dealers who accept their insurance. Furthermore, we help patients find the right products for their needs. Right now, we are focused on helping patients find catheters and catheter supplies. In just a few easy steps, we can help you save money on catheter delivery from trusted suppliers.

    2. Why should I use Medipply?​

    With Medipply, you are guaranteed to find the best product for you that’s covered by your insurance. We are a neutral party designed to advocate for you and your preferences. If your dealer suddenly switches you to another product, we help you find a new dealer promptly. The supplier or your insurance company should not decide which product works best for you. We give you the right to choose and help you minimize out-of-pocket costs.

    3. Is Medipply a mail order urinary catheter supplier?

    No. We act as your advisor in a very confusing marketplace. We connect you with the catheter supplier that meets your needs Medipply is not a licensed supplier of medical devices (DME).

    We facilitate the contact between you and a trusted supplier in your insurance network. If you experience any kind of issues with your supplies, we are here to help.

    4. Which medical devices besides urinary catheters can you help me with?

    Currently, Medipply is focused on catheters. We hope to expand to connect patients with other supplies in the future. Learn more about different types of catheters.

    5. Which insurance plans does Medipply accept?

    We can help all patients, no matter what insurance plan they have or if they have no insurance. We have extensive knowledge of the industry, and which dealers take what insurance plans.

    6. Do I need insurance to use Medipply?

    No, simply fill out our form and indicate that you have no insurance. We will then match you with a trusted supplier where you can buy catheters for cash online or in-person.

    7. Can I pay cash?

    Yes, if you want to purchase without insurance, we can connect you with a trusted supplier. Then you can make your cash purchase with them online or in-person.

    8. What if I have more than one insurance company?

    Currently, we link you with a supplier based on your primary insurance. We encourage you to submit your secondary insurance directly to the supplier, as soon as you start communicating directly with them. In time, we will be able to automatically match you based on both your primary and secondary insurance companies, guaranteeing you are covered as much as possible.

    9. How will I pay for my urinary catheters?

    It depends on your insurance and the supplier you choose. Medipply helps reduce the risk of out-of-pocket payments by connecting you with in-network catheter suppliers that work with your primary and secondary insurance plans.

    10. Is Medipply owned by a catheter manufacturer or supplier?

    No, Medipply is not affiliated with any specific manufacturer or supplier. We are your advisor in a complicated marketplace. We liaise with suppliers and manufacturers to make sure that you are treated fairly as a patient and get access to what you need.

    11. Why do you need my contact information?

    We use these details to source the right supplier for you and to facilitate your connection to them. We also would like to contact you and offer advice for you as a patient, to keep you updated on the latest technology and insights for better living.

    12. Can I unsubscribe from Medipply?

    Of course, you can unsubscribe from our newsletters and our order reminders any time you want. Click here to unsubscribe.

    13. Does Medipply share my information with suppliers?

    Yes, once our system identifies the best supplier for you, we facilitate your connection to that supplier to help them process your order quickly.

    14. Is Medipply free?

    Yes, we always provide our services to patients for free. We receive a referral fee from suppliers for facilitating the referral and ensuring prompt delivery thereby improving our service for patients, who are always our main focus. If you ever have any issue with a supplier, please let us know.

    15. Will I get my products faster using Medipply than my current supplier?

    Yes, in order to make the process shorter, we collect essential information from you (ideally your insurance and prescription) upfront to speed up delivery. Get started saving with Medipply.

    16. What do you need my prescription for? Do I have to have one?

    We do not need your prescription to connect you with a supplier. However, we might ask for your prescription to expedite the time it takes to process your order.

    17. Why do you need my date of birth and my insurance Member ID

    To provide you with the fastest service, our partners need to be able to validate your insurance coverage. By having your date of birth and insurance member ID, this helps expedite the process of getting you the supplies you need.

    18. Who will cover my urinary catheter cost?

    There are so many things to worry about when it comes to finding the right catheter product, cost shouldn’t be one of them. It is important to know your rights when it comes to your insurance and what will and won’t be covered by your plans. Medipply is here to help you find the intermittent catheter that best suits your needs and that is covered by your insurance policy. For additional information about what Medicare typically covers, we recommend asking your healthcare provider. Read our article here

    19. How do I know if I need to use a urinary catheter?

    Many different conditions can lead to you needing to use intermittent catheterization. Generally, bladder or urinary issues fall into two categories: neurogenic (nerve-related) or non-neurogenic. Within those two categories, the type of bladder issue you have will be either urinary incontinence (leaking) or urinary retention (a situation where you are unable to completely empty your bladder).
    You can read more about the conditions that may lead to the need for intermittent catheterization here

    20. Can I order products for relatives living abroad?

    Currently, our partners only deliver catheters to U.S. postal addresses.

    21. Is my information protected? How are you keeping my data secure?

    At Medipply, the privacy and the security of your personal information are extremely important. All of the data we collect is handled and stored using the most stringent, current legal and compliant regulations. We will not exploit any data you provide us.
    You can read more detailed information on the data we collect, why, and how we keep it secure in our Privacy Policy 

    22. Will the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic impact my catheter delivery?

    No. Currently, we are not experiencing any supply chain interruptions for urological supplies, and we do not expect any going forward.

    23. How do I choose my product?

    Once Medipply helps you connect with the right supplier for your insurance coverage, the supplier will reach out to you to place your specific order. The experts there will help guide you to choose the product that best fits your needs, whether that is a straight, coudé, or any other urinary catheter.